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SESSION ONE: "Transfiguration and Transforming Toxic Thoughts"
Welcoming the Sun
Transforming Toxic Thoughts
Meet Your Creator
Introduction and Journey:
Transforming Toxic Thoughts
In shamanism, it’s understood that we live in an interconnected world and that everything is interdependent on every life-form. To put it another way, whatever you send out into the world impacts all of life. This includes what we say (our words), what we do (our actions), what we feel (our emotions), and even what we think (our thoughts).

Since it’s the inner work of each individual that will change the planet, in this segment we discover how to express ourselves (our words, actions, emotions, and thoughts) in a healthy way, which enables us to do the spiritual work required to transform the energy behind our words, actions, emotions, and thoughts. When we do this, we then send out energy full of love and light, instead of its opposite.

During our journey, Transforming Toxic Thoughts, we ask our own helping spirits for their advice in working with transforming the energy behind our words, actions, emotions, and thoughts. If we’re not willing to do the hard work of examining ourselves and our presence in the world, including our toxic thoughts, what are we willing to do? Ultimately, it’s our presence that will change the world—and this is why we start here—with each one of us.

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What triggers toxic thoughts for you? When you notice yourself getting into a spiral of negative thinking, what to you do to change that energy? All stories, insights, and questions are welcome.
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