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 Healing with Spiritual Light
with Sandra Ingerman 
SESSION ONE: "Transfiguration and Transforming Toxic Thoughts"
Welcoming the Sun
Transforming Toxic Thoughts
Meet Your Creator
In this segment, we dive into transfiguration. Like shamans, mystics, gurus, and healers all over the world, we too can experience our brilliant light. It’s our presence and who we’re being in the world—not what we’re doing—that makes all the difference.

We learn to shift our perception to see things as full of light and complete. When we become light, we have the possibility to transform energy. Similarly, when we bring our light together with others, in ceremony, we see the power of community and the exponential power of a group doing this work together.

Throughout this course, we’re not only learning how to be more evolved humans, but also realizing that our life is a ceremony. We come to understand that we’re more than our forms—our bodies and our minds. We are light. Ultimately, this is the core of our work together—shifting our perception of ourselves and shifting our perception of the outer world.

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