Sounds True Presents
A Direct Way to Spiritual Liberation
Join Adyashanti in this journey beginning Thursday, August 15, 2019
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Sounds True Presents
A Direct Way to Spiritual Liberation
Join Adyashanti in this journey beginning Thursday, August 15, 2019
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 “We’re seeking to wake up in all of the dimensions of being.”
bestselling author and spiritual teacher
Dear friend,

What does “awakening” mean to you? Perhaps it’s disconnecting from day-to-day concerns and living free from worldly stresses. Maybe you think awakening is an expanded, intuitive awareness of unseen realities. Or maybe it is the transcendence of suffering and never experiencing pain.

For me, awakening has everything to do with identity—with dislodging misplaced identity and letting your true identity arise on its own. It’s about understanding how you are connected with the rest of existence. 

In my 20 years of teaching, I know that no two people experience awakening in the same way—however, there are many practices that will help you on the path. 
I’m excited to announce my new course, The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge, which collects these practices in a month-long journey.
Over the course of 30 days, I will guide you through three dimensions of awakening. First, you will discover the always-available presence of awakened awareness. Then you will learn how to drop into the compassionate space of the Spiritual Heart. From there, you will delve into the infinite potential of the ground of being. Finally, I will show you how awakening to these states of awareness can enrich your everyday life.

I hope you join me in The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge. When you wake up from the dream of your assumptions, you will discover who you really are—an entire universe of insight, joy, and boundless love.

With gratitude,


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Meet Your Teacher
Adyashanti is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to the awakening of all beings. His teachings are invitations to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating at the core of existence. His books include Emptiness Dancing, Falling into Grace, and The Most Important Thing. Adyashanti offers teachings that are free of any tradition or ideology. 
When You Enroll in The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge, You'll Receive:
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30 Days of Teachings
Adyashanti will guide you via audio through the various dimensions of awakening.
audio session
2 Live Q&A Sessions
Adyashanti will answer specific questions as they relate to your journey.
guided meditation icon
Guided Meditations
Guided meditations and exercises support your exploration of self.
journal icon
Personal Journal
Use this digital journal as a private place to capture your thoughts and insights.
PLUS This Free Meditation to Accompany Your Journey
Experience the Freedom of Meditation Beyond Technique
You Will Learn:
  • How to make the “effortless effort” that will vivify the present moment
  • Meditative self-inquiry and The Way of Subtraction
  • Three guided meditations to reveal your home as awareness itself
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"A sought-after gifted spiritual thinker, author and teacher. [Adyashanti’s] message is simple: grace has the power to transform lives."
When You Enroll in The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge, You'll Enjoy ALL These Benefits
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Become More Present

Learn to become aware of the pure consciousness underlying all of your experiences. When you perceive this always-available presence, you open to startling new vistas of awareness.
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Delve Deeper

Realize the boundless potential of the fundamental ground of being. From this most basic, universal consciousness, you will experience the natural arising of wisdom, insight, and purpose.
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Evoke Love and Compassion

Discover an awareness connected with your all-accepting compassionate nature as Adyashanti guides you in contacting the silent spaciousness of the Spiritual Heart. 
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Embody Awakened Awareness

With practical guidance from Adyashanti, you will learn how to embody the dimensions of awakened awareness with your family, career, and every other aspect of your life.
Journey Schedule
The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge is divided into four weekly sessions that guide you throughout the different dimensions of awareness. In this eye-opening journey, you will learn: 
Awakened Awareness
Week One | Thursday, August 15
Awakening as the Formless Being of Awareness
When you look at a beautiful sunset, who is doing the looking? When you remember that excruciatingly embarrassing moment from the seventh grade, what is doing the remembering? In these first sessions, Adyashanti will point the way toward the always-available, unflagging awareness through which you perceive all of your experiences. 

Introduction to The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge
• Day 1: Awareness is the conscious context of experience
• Day 2: The spacious and empty nature of awareness
• Day 3: The presence of being
• Day 4: Abiding as I AM
• Day 5: I AM, your true identity
• Day 6: The silent and knowing quality of awareness, your fundamental being
• Day 7: Abiding as the formless awareness of being
Awakened Heart
Week Two | Thursday, August 22
Awakening into the Body and Unity of All Phenomena
When you touch into the awake awareness that underlies your senses, a liberating new view of reality arises. However, that first taste of awakening can be like the sky—vast, free, and more than a little bit cold. Awareness is also embodied, essentially compassionate, and connected to all other beings. In these sessions, you will discover how to drop from the heady endlessness of awakened awareness and into the innately loving space of the Spiritual Heart.

• Day 8: Evoking the Spiritual Heart
• Day 9: Devotedly abiding in the silent presence of the heart
• Day 10: The Spiritual Heart’s intimate connection with all of life
• Day 11: The unity of existence
• Day 12: This very body is the Buddha
• Day 13: Resting in the Spiritual Heart
• Day 14: The Spiritual Heart both includes and transcends the paradox of being and becoming

Awakened Ground of Being
Week Three | Thursday, August 29
Includes LIVE Q&A with Adyashanti | Thursday, August 29 at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT

Awakening as the Divine Ground of Being
In exploring awakened awareness and the Spiritual Heart, you discover that the vastness of innate consciousness and the deep love of unity are one and the same. Now, Adyashanti will guide you toward the source not only of awareness, but of all phenomena in the universe. As you touch into the infinite and unconquerable ground of being, you will discover that your true self and the truth of existence are one and the same.

• Day 15: Establishing the anchor of the breath
• Day 16: Opening to the ground of being
• Day 17: Spiritual poverty and the gaze of eternity
• Day 18: The realm beyond description
• Day 19: Finding yourself by losing self
• Day 20: The rediscovery of innocence
• Day 21: From nothing to everything and beyond

Enlightened Relativity and the Paradox of Being
Week Four | Thursday, September 5
Includes LIVE Q&A with Adyashanti | Thursday, September 12 at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT

Integrating Insight into Daily Life
When you awaken spiritually, life doesn’t suddenly culminate in a burst of revelatory light. Painful emotions and everyday experiences don’t stop arising. So, how do you take the lessons of The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge into the hustle and bustle of your normal experience? In these final sessions, Adyashanti will show you how the realization of awakened awareness can inform and enrich every moment of your life.

• Day 22: Taking responsibility for your relationship with experience 
• Day 23: Being rooted in presence
• Day 24: Telling the truth
• Day 25: Energetically leading with the heart
• Day 26: Pivoting toward peace
• Day 27: Seeking to understand before seeking to be understood
• Day 28: The courage to choose truth and love over fear
• Day 29: Releasing yourself from the past through forgiveness
• Day 30: Wrapping it all up

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I purchase The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge?
You can purchase it here.
How do I access The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge after I have purchased it? 
To access your journey, you will need to:
Log in to your Sounds True account
• Click on “DIGITAL LIBRARY” (located in the navigation bar at the top right of the page)
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Find The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge
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How do I contact customer service?
You may contact us Monday–Friday, 8:00 am–5:00 pm Mountain Time.
Phone: US and Canada Customers 1-800-333-9185 #3 | International Customers 1-303-665-3151 #3
What Our Teachers Are Saying
tara brach headshot
Tara Brach
PhD, author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge
 “Adyashanti offers the 
blessing of pointing us 
toward the reality awakening through us right in 
this moment.”
tami simon headshot
Publisher and Founder of 
Sounds True
 “Adyashanti is the kindest person I have ever met. Knowing that [he] is so wholly good and kind gives me something to aspire to. ”
loch kelly headshot
Loch Kelly
MDiv, LCSW, author of 
Shift into Freedom
“Adyashanti [has the] remarkable gift of being able to put the most ineffable and precious truths into down-to-earth language.”
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