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Join energy medicine expert Cyndi Dale to learn about the tools and practices of subtle body healing in The Subtle Body Online Training Program.
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Dear friend,

I’m Cyndi Dale. For the past 35 years, I’ve been working personally and professionally with subtle energy healing to help others access their spiritual gifts and fulfill their true callings. My journeys have brought me to shamans and healers throughout the world, and I’ve created over 25 books and programs on working with subtle energy, including the multiple award-winning book The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy

I’ve created The Subtle Body Online Training Program with Sounds True to give you one of the most comprehensive courses in energy medicine available. This program will provide you with an in-depth foundation in energy healing, along with the information and tools you need to … 
Awaken Your Intuition, Activate Your Self-Healing
Powers, and Align 
with Your Spiritual Destiny
Working with subtle energy produces some not-so-subtle results. Subtle energy constructs everything in existence—and your body is no exception.
You can nourish your body and mind with exercise, eating healthy foods, going to therapy, and reading a million self-help books … yet your true creative and healing potential is limited unless you’re also working with your subtle energy anatomy.

Join Cyndi Dale to Discover
Powerful Tools and Practices for …
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Sense, direct, and clear subtle energies to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health
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Use energy bodies, channels, and fields to create real change in your life
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Identify foreign energy and clear it from your subtle body with energy hygiene techniques
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Spiritual Connection

Awaken your intuition and discover your unique ways of communicating with spirit
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Revealing Your True Self

Clear energetic forms that no longer serve you (or maybe don't even belong to you!) to reveal your true self
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Unlock the secrets to knowing and fulfilling your purpose—and begin to share your gifts with the world
If you’d like to master energy medicine and the subtle body, this course is an essential training. I’ve drawn from over three decades of experience to distill information from esoteric manuscripts and sacred texts, medical authorities and scientific journals, quantum physics, sacred geometry, bioenergetics, shamanism, and more into one foundational training. 
With The Subtle Body Online Training Program, You'll …
  • Learn how to improve your health with the 12-Chakra System—developed from my own experience and Hindu, Tibetan, Mayan, Cherokee, Incan, Egyptian, and Zulu energy systems
  • Manifest healing, joy, opportunities, relationships, abundance, and more by working with each of the 11 elements
  • Explore the art of energetic hygiene—learn to protect yourself from psychic attack, the effects of rapidly expanding technology, and more
  • Free up more of your creative, life-force energy by tuning into your 14 key meridians (or subtle channels)
  • Discover new ways to work with subtle bodies, channels, and realms—and meet the many invisible beings and forces who reside in the subtle worlds
  • Uncover subconscious programming to learn who you really are and what you're really here to do
  • Enjoy levels of vitality and personal empowerment that are inaccessible without a deeper understanding of subtle body anatomy
Over the span of eight weeks, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the subtle body and how to work with the subtle realms for health, manifestation, and soul-level fulfillment. 

Once you know how to really work with the techniques and information I share in this course, you'll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes in your daily life. I've watched as a woman healed a multi-generational pattern of unhealthy relationships in order to find her soulmate … I've seen a man reconnect with his past-life gifts in order to write a bestselling book … I've witnessed a child go from being covered in eczema to having glowing, clear skin (and much better self-esteem) after learning how to maintain energetic boundaries at school … 

The subtle realms are already influencing your life in every moment. I invite you to empower yourself to work with them more consciously in The Subtle Body Online Training Program.
Cyndi Dale

Many blessings,

Cyndi Dale
Author, Intuitive & Healer
When You Enroll in The Subtle Body
Online Training Program
, You’ll Receive: 
1. Complete Video Training Curriculum
You'll receive a new lesson with Cyndi each week. These video lessons are yours to keep forever. Each includes an information-packed teaching session along with one or more guided practices. Cyndi is a walking encyclopedia of subtle anatomy—you’ll want to have a pen and paper ready for notes!
The Subtle Body Online Training  With Cyndi Dale On Computer Devices
2. TWO Q&A Sessions with Cyndi Dale
Learn from two Q&A sessions with Cyndi, one of the world's premier energy medicine healers and teachers (recorded during live events).
Cyndi Dale
3. Study Guide & Workbook
Included with your course is a digital workbook to facilitate your learning. Here you’ll find supplemental handouts, illustrations, charts, targeted questions, journaling prompts, and suggested practice ideas. Use the workbook and videos together for a comprehensive learning experience!
Subtle Energy Fields And The Major Meridians Illustrations By Richard Wehrman On Laptop Device
4. Guided Practices & Exercises
Every session includes a guided practice that will bring you immediate results. You’ll learn Cyndi’s two key techniques for working with subtle energy and continue to practice applying these techniques to a variety of areas—clearing energy in relationships, improving your health, and even opening up your intuition and connecting with the spirit world.
The Twelve-Chakra System And Energy Illustration By Richard Wehrman on Iphone Device On Top Of Notepad With Pen
5. TWO Bonus Programs
You’ll receive TWO valuable audio programs (downloadable) to support your learning that you can access right away:
  • Advanced Chakra Wisdom—Dive even more deeply into each chakra with additional talks and guided meditations 
  • Healing Across Time and Space—Explore more of your subtle energy patterning with guided journeys to your past, parallel, and future lives 
Advanced Chakra Wisdom Cover And Healing Across Time and Space Cover
What You'll Learn
You’ll receive a new lesson every week.
Throughout this eight-week online training program, Cyndi will guide you through the fundamental knowledge, skills, and experience you’ll need to begin to successfully work with subtle energy—for yourself and others.
This course will feature Q&As recorded during live events, a comprehensive exploration of the subtle energy in and around you, guided practices, supplemental materials, and techniques that you can begin using right away.

Direct Subtle Energies to Boost
Health, Happiness, and Hope
Session 1: Your Miraculous Subtle Body
Mystics, scholars, teachers, and philosophers have known since ancient times that we’re composed of subtle energy. These powerful yet immeasurable energies serve as the framework for our physical world, including our material bodies. In our first session, we lay the groundwork for understanding the subtle dimensions of the human self and the world.
Session Highlights:
  • ​Understand the differences between subtle and physical energy
  • ​Centers, Channels, and Fields—the three structures of the subtle anatomy
  • ​Explore the science explaining both the subtle and the physical universes
  • ​How to tune into your subtle body and recognize signs of its existence
  • ​Practice directing subtle energies to boost health, happiness, and hope for yourself and others
Apply Subtle Elements for Healing and Manifestation
Session 2: The Subtle Elements
Many cultures believe that the world is composed of subtle elements—tiny bits of matter or energy that stand alone or combine to form all of the seen and unseen universe. As Cyndi illustrates in this session, there’s much more involved than fire, earth, air, and water. In this session, you’ll learn her 11 Subtle Element System.
Session Highlights:
  • Learn Cyndi’s signature technique for all subtle energy work—a simple yet powerful tool that will give you a foundational practice for this course
  • Explore each of the 11 elements in depth—what they represent and what they provide
  • Meet the elementals, devas, and spirits associated with each element
  • How to apply each element for both healing and manifestation
  • A guided practice for igniting and accelerating your heart’s desires with the elements
Navigate the Worlds of Subtle Energy to
Cultivate Healthy Relationships and
Protect Yourself from Harmful Energies
Session 3: The Invisible Realms
The subtle realms might be invisible, but they are richly populated with beings, energies, forces, and entities that can be highly beneficial to us—and sometimes harmful. During our third session, Cyndi will introduce you to the five major subtle realms so you can better navigate the worlds of subtle energy and all the ways they’re already affecting you.
Session Highlights:
  • Cultivate your relationship with the natural world—including how to receive nature’s answers to your questions
  • Connect with energetic masters who can assist with you moving and clearing specific types of energy
  • Learn to protect yourself from energies and entities that might be harmful to you
  • Cords, Curses, and Attachments—learn to clear yourself and your relationships from unhealthy energies
Hear Questions Answered by Cyndi Dale
Session 4: Q&A Call with Cyndi Dale
Listen to Cyndi answer questions about the subtle body, energy medicine, and all the course material during this Q&A session, recorded during a live event.
Learn Powerful Methods for Activating Your Chakras
and Converting Subtle Energy into Physical Energy
Session 5: The Subtle Energy Centers
Perhaps the most well-known subtle structure is the chakra system. Chakras are subtle energy centers that manage nearly every area of your life. In Session Five, you’ll learn why Cyndi uses her 12-Chakra System. Then, you'll begin to play with a handful of powerful methods for clearing, cleaning, and activating your chakras.
Session Highlights:
  • Explore the science and structures of each chakra including the physical locations, activation points, colors, and more
  • How the chakras can convert subtle energy into physical energy and vice versa—and what this means for you
  • Discover the particular types of intuitive information associated with each chakra
  • How the chakras can help you understand the time periods when your challenges might have begun
  • ​"12-Chakra Experience"—a guided practice to connect with each of your own energy centers
Discover How the Subtle Energetic Channels Can Help
You Actualize as a Divine Being in a Human Body
Session 6: The Subtle Energetic Channels
If the chakras operate like islands in the body, the subtle energetic channels are the rivers that interconnect the chakras, organs, and the internal self to the external world. In Session Six, you’ll explore the nadis, which are the Hindu label for the body’s subtle channels, as well as the meridians, the Asian-based subtle channels. You’ll also look at the science that substantiates their existence.
Session Highlights:
  • ​Kundalini—how this powerful energy helps you actualize as a divine being in a human body
  • ​Traditional Chinese Medicine—explore what this 5,000-year-old tradition can teach us about meridians
  • ​Dive into the science that substantiates the existence of meridians, or passages of chi, in the body
  • ​Understand the role and function of 14 key meridians
  • ​Practices include clearing out your mystical mingmen gateway—considered the key to good luck and fortune
Understand the Subtle Energy Fields and
the Many Ways They Influence Your Life
Session 7: The Subtle Energy Fields
We are composed of nothing more or less than oscillating fields of energy—both subtle and physical. What is a field, and what does it mean to be made of fields? Equally important, what types of fields do we continually interact with, and what does this imply for us personally? In this session, you’ll explore the complex world of subtle energy fields—what they are, how they affect you, and how to consciously work with them. We’ll close our session with a special manifestation exercise.
Session Highlights:
  • ​Explore the four types of fields around you—nature-based, human-made, subtle energy, and auric
  • ​Electro-pollution—how it affects you and how to protect yourself
  • ​Journey through the 12 auric fields, or layers, which emanate from your chakras
  • ​Connect to Mother Earth and the land that is your birthplace with the Vivaxis
  • ​Manifest—magnetize that which your spirit calls for through your auric field in a powerful exercise
Hear More Questions Answered by Cyndi Dale
Session 8: Q&A Call with Cyndi Dale
Listen to Cyndi answer more questions about the subtle body, energy medicine, and other course material during this Q&A session, recorded during a live event. 
Cyndi Dale
Meet Your Teacher, Cyndi Dale
Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, intuitive healer, and visionary who has taught thousands of students to access their spiritual gifts through her books and workshops. 

She is president of Life Systems Services, a corporation that offers intuitive-based healing, destiny coaching, and corporate consulting. Cyndi has been trained in multiple healing modalities, including shamanism, intuitive healing, Lakota medicine, and Reiki. 

She has authored several groundbreaking books and audio programs on energy healing and the chakras, including The Subtle Body, The Subtle Body Practice Manual, Advanced Chakra Healing, Energy Clearing, Attracting Prosperity Through the Chakras, and New Chakra Healing. Her work has been translated into nine languages.
You’ll Also Receive These TWO Bonus Programs!
Advanced Chakra Wisdom Cover
Advanced Chakra Wisdom: Insights and Practices for Transforming Your Life
Advanced Chakra Wisdom is a seven-hour audio training that guides you through your body's 12 key chakras—and how to unlock the power hidden within each one. Do you know which chakra is most important for manifestation? How to use the chakras to explore past lives? Which life energies are governed by your eighth, ninth, and even twelfth chakras? Through both talks and guided practices, Cyndi will help you discover the dynamic properties of your chakras. (Audio Download)
Healing Across Time and Space Cover
Healing Across Time and Space: Guided Journeys to Your Past, Future, and Parallel Lives
Explore more of your subtle energy patterning with guided journeys to your past, parallel, and future lives. In the complete audio program, Cyndi shares a unique series of guided exercises to reach beyond the present for the power to transform your life. Highlights include: meeting your spirit guides, healing your past by revisiting pivotal times during your life, encountering another “you” to explore what your life would be like if you’d made different choices, and inviting your brightest future by receiving guidance from a future version of yourself. (Audio Download)
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Luminary Praise for Cyndi Dale's Work
 “Cyndi Dale presents an intriguing perspective on the soul’s journey between the many dimensions of consciousness."

Author of Entering the Castle and Anatomy of the Spirit
“Cyndi Dale offers brilliant, cutting-edge theories and tools to help us break free of old paradigms that keep us fettered to unhealthy patterns and disease.”
Alberto Villoldo, PhD
Author of Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval
“An extraordinary body of work. The Subtle Body belongs in the library of every truly conscious person on the planet.” 

Christiane Northrup, MD
 Author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is The Subtle Body Online Training Program for? Can anyone benefit from this course?
Subtle energy affects all of us, whether we realize it or not, so everyone will benefit from learning how to work with their subtle bodies. That said, the following types of people will really love the program: health professionals, energy workers, empaths and highly sensitive people, anyone involved with the healing arts, yogis, shamanic practitioners, and anyone interested in learning more about subtle energy.
I already know a lot about energy healing and the subtle body. Will I learn anything new in The Subtle Body Online Training Program
This course will give you a comprehensive map of our subtle body anatomy, developed from Cyndi's studies with shamans and healers throughout the world. But you won’t stop with energy healing—you’ll also learn how to use subtle energy systems and structures for manifesting, communicating with beings in other realms, and accessing wisdom from your past, parallel, and future lives. Even if you've worked with subtle energy for years, you'll likely discover new information and practices that you'll want to revisit again and again.
What if I don’t like The Subtle Body Online Training Program? Do you really offer a Full One-Year, Money-Back Guarantee?
Absolutely! You can explore The Subtle Body Online Training Program risk-free for an entire year. If this course fails to meet your expectations for any reason, simply contact Sounds True’s customer service for a full refund.
Why haven’t I heard of you before?
Sounds True was founded in 1985 by Tami Simon with a clear mission: to disseminate spiritual wisdom. We partner with the leading spiritual teachers on the planet to make their teachings accessible through books, audio programs, online learning experiences, and in-person events.

At Sounds True, we have created the world’s largest living library of transformational teachings that support and accelerate spiritual awakening and personal transformation. We make this living library available on multiple media platforms and in multiple languages for people of today and for future generations.

We provide a trustworthy and safe online home for spiritual explorers, where you can show up with authenticity and meet others on the path. We warmly welcome beginners while remaining true to the depth and challenges of the spiritual journey, as we create shifts in consciousness that unlock our greatest human capacities to love and serve.
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