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Becoming the Hero of Your Journey
A 25-Day Adventure into the Mysterious, Gifted,
Goofy, Authentic Self That You Are
Begins Monday, September 9, 2019
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Program Image Becoming The Hero of Your Journey by JP Sears

Join JP on a fantastic voyage of self-discovery to create a life of authenticity, happiness, connection, and fulfillment.
Who am I and why am I here, you ask? 
You’re here to be the hero of your own heroic journey. And there’s no one better than you to do it. 

With Becoming the Hero of Your Journey, JP Sears leads you through a 25-day series of mini yet mighty adventures for emotional healing, reclaiming the forgotten parts of yourself, and breaking through the limitations of what you think is possible. 

In each lesson, JP shares helpful teachings and practical exercises for making the trek with confidence, levity, and inner peace.

There will be pain. There will be discomfort. But on the bright side, you’ll see some unprecedented growth and evolution.
Photo of JP Sears
About JP
JP Sears is a conscious comedian, YouTuber, emotional healing coach, author, speaker, world traveler, and curious student of life. His work empowers people to live more meaningful lives. He is very active with his online offerings, where he encourages healing and growth through his humorous and entertainingly informative videos that have accumulated over 300 million views. He is the author of How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12½ Steps to Spiritual Superiority, and hosts the podcast Awaken with JP Sears Show.
"I can't be the hero of my own journey if I can't be me, and that's what the journey is all about—becoming more authentically ourselves, not who we think we are or want to be." 
—JP Sears 
Here's Everything You Get—Yours, Forever!
Audio Sessions
The journey unfolds over 23 "mini adventures," with each daily excursion bringing you a 15-minute lesson with JP
2 Live Q&As with JP Sears
Put JP on the hot seat with your toughest riddles and inquiries
Guided Practices & Meditations
Embody gratitude, learn to feel your f'ing feelings, embrace vulnerability, and more
Personal Journal
Writing about your journey of transformation and empowerment is seriously powerful and transformative
AND . . . We've Got Bonuses!
Ipad Screen of How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12½ Steps to Spiritual Superiority
How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12½ Steps to Spiritual Superiority
His Enlightenedness JP Sears ushers in the Newer Age, blinding us with the dawn-like brilliance that is Ultra Spirituality (ebook)
 Premium AF on Devices: A 30-Day Membership to Awaken with JP PremiumAF
 A 30-Day Membership to Awaken with JP PremiumAF
A 30-day membership to Awaken with JP PremiumAF—a private online community designed to help you create a life you love on ALL levels by awakening, owning, and using what makes you “weird,” and therefore gives you an unfair advantage!
Photo of JP Sears Looking Empowered
The Natural Consequences of
Your Newfound Empowerment
More fulfilling relationships, better health, a clearer purpose in life, and a greater sense of peace, to name a few
In just 15 minutes a day with JP, you'll:
JP Sears Freedom

Experience emotional freedom

Feel your f'ing feelings, already! 
JP Sears Vulnerable

Become completely vulnerable

And stop being a victim.
JP Sears Symbolic

See the symbolic

Stop being so literal . . .
JP Sears Gratitude

Burst with gratitude

It will massively upgrade your life.
JP Sears Secure

Secure yourself in insecurity

JP is so paradoxical.
JP Sears Let Go

Let go of control

And reclaim your power (more paradox!)
Your Hero's Journey Itinerary
Read on for your road map and discover the points of interest along your way!
Part One: The Journey
The journey begins by discovering that any dissatisfaction or frustration you feel about your life is actually a good thing. Listen to it—it is your inner call to leave your “ordinary” life behind and become something extraordinary.

 "The Journey" includes adventures 1–11 plus your first Q&A session with JP Sears.

• Adventure 1: The Wisdom of Discomfort 
• Adventure 2: Vitamin V: Vulnerability
• Adventure 3: Recovering Your Forgotten Self 
• Adventure 4: The Gratitude Project 
• Adventure 5: Vision of Life: Seeing the Symbolic 
• Adventure 6: The One Dysfunctional Question 
• Adventure 7: Divorcing Self-Identity 
• Adventure 8: Upgrade Your Beliefs 
• Adventure 9: Breaking the Victim Chains 

Live Q&A with JP Sears: September 18, 2019 at 8:15 pm ET | 5:15 pm PT 

At this point in Becoming the Hero of Your Journey, you're going to have questions. You're in luck, because JP has the answers—and on this special night, he shares them.

• Adventure 10: Recognizing Your Jail Cell of Control 
• Adventure 11: The Fine Art of Healthy Self-Destruction 
Part Two: Integration and Initiation
The second stage of your journey is about the shift from who you were to who you’ll be. 
This involves letting go of your old identity and leaping into the fires of personal transformation. 

"Integration and Initiation" brings you adventures 12–17.
• Adventure 12: Miraculous Mirroring
• Adventure 13: Passion Project
• Adventure 14: Court Jester
• Adventure 15: Becoming the Warrior
• Adventure 16: Venturing into Risk
• Adventure 17: Embracing Impermanence of Self
Part Three: The Return
What rises from the ashes of fiery false-self transformation? The miracle of your authentic self, that’s what! In the final part of your journey, prepare your return to the world as the hero you really are, ready to offer something unprecedented. 

"The Return" includes adventures 18–23, plus your second Q&A session with JP Sears.

• Adventure 18: Getting a Doctorate in Curiosity
• Adventure 19: Courageous Surrender
• Adventure 20: Drinking In the Wisdom of Your Dreams
• Adventure 21: Embracing the Lover
• Adventure 22: Honoring Your Kingdom

Live Q&A with JP Sears: October 2, 2019 at 8:15 pm ET | 5:15 pm PT 

The journey's almost over, but there are always more questions. JP has more answers. So it all works out.

• Adventure 23: Marrying Your Weird Authentic Self
Live Q&A with JP Sears
2 Live Q&As with JP Sears
#1 September 18, 2019
at 8:15 pm ET | 5:15 pm PT 
#2 October 2, 2019
at 8:15 pm ET | 5:15 pm PT 

Adulation for JP Sears
"I do really need to talk with someone like JP."

"Do a TED talk."


"Mann youuu are just awesomee :)))"

Frequently Asked Questions
I found your comedy videos, then I saw you also have serious videos. I'm confused. What are you—humorous or serious?
JP gets that a lot. And the answer is that he's absolutely both. Before his Ultra Spiritual comedy videos, JP worked for 20 years as an emotional healing coach with thousands of people. He is quite the versatile teacher!
Who is this program for?
Men, women, and spiritual warriors of all ages and backgrounds who feel frustrated with life and eager to be their true selves and share their gifts.
Can I listen to the adventures in any order I like?
Although you don’t have to be “sequential” to be “spiritual,” the first time through the journey you'll want to follow the adventures in numerical order. After that, listen to any adventure you like as many times as you’d like in any order you like!
Will it hurt?
Just a little. But in the good growing pains sort of way. Emotional healing, releasing the past, and stepping into your power are not easy, but JP has your back.
Can I listen on all of my devices?
We're well into the 21st century now so we certainly hope so, but if you run into technical difficulties, we've got you covered here.
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